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As I was reflecting on the concept of "uniqueness" and looking through photos to select one for this post, my mind instantly thought of the expression about how "each and every snowflake is two are alike." That's pretty incredible when you think about it! (Though perhaps not as incredible as the fact that I'm sharing a snowflake in my post...after all, ANYONE who knows me knows that I am NOT a fan of winter, not one bit!)

AS A COACH, HERE'S WHAT I BELIEVE: That each and every client is UNIQUE and DESERVES A PERSONALIZED GROWTH JOURNEY that will help them to achieve their goals, whether those goals are to advance further in their careers or they're looking for ways to enhance their life experience, satisfaction, productivity or overall happiness. I also believe that we are all "PERFECTLY IMPERFECT," meaning that while we should always strive to transform ourselves, it's NOT from a standpoint of CHANGING who we are, that we're NOT GOOD ENOUGH or as a result of COMPARING OURSELVES TO OTHERS. It's more about understanding WHO YOU ARE at your core.

HERE'S HOW MY APPROACH IS DIFFERENT FROM THE REST: Together, we'll focus on these 4 phases: DISCOVERY, REFLECTION, (BIO)FEEDBACK & ACTION. And here's a bit more about why and how we'll do that...

  • INNER FOCUSED WORK: Each and every one of us have unique life experiences (good and bad), strengths, preferences and motivators that have made us who we are. Being able to take a deep dive into your “self” as a first step in any self or leadership development journey is critical in order to best understand who you are, why you’re wired the way you are and the positive or negative impact that it’s currently having on your satisfaction and success in life (personal and career). While this DISCOVERY AND REFLECTION process can be quite transformative on its own, through harnessing the power and insights of BIOFEEDBACK (INTERNAL FEEDBACK), the impact and speed of your growth and transformation can be greatly enhanced for deep and lasting impact on your WHOLE self.

  • OUTER FOCUSED WORK: Once we uncover your personal uniqueness and what you have to offer the world, the journey moves into learning more about how you are experienced by others (EXTERNAL FEEDBACK) and then identifying what’s working in your favor vs. what’s creating roadblocks in your life and creating a plan (ACTION) on how you intentionally and purposefully want to move forward in your personal and professional life with this newfound perspective.

If you have questions or would like to explore working with me as part of your growth journey, please go to my homepage ( and schedule a FREE initial 30-minute exploration call to learn more! Looking forward to speaking with you! Please also share this post with others who might be interested. Thank you!

(Photo Credit: Maddy Baker)

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