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Start with the Weather...

I've mentioned the author Michael Singer and his books "Untethered Soul" and "The Surrender Experiment" before. The concepts he writes about are so simple, yet so profound.

He often speaks to how we can begin shifting our thinking and our experience with what happens in our lives. To begin SURRENDERING more to life vs. using our energy every day to "FIGHT" things that are out of our control, he suggests practicing by examining what your typical internal and external dialogue is around THE WEATHER. If what you say about the weather is negative, then you will feel badly. However, if you can begin creating enough self-awareness to recognize when you step into negativity about something as simple as the weather, it will help you to begin to identify other areas of your life where you're doing that as well.

What has your internal dialogue been about the weather lately? And how much is it affecting your energy and your mood? How can you begin to reframe your thinking to one or two positives about the weather?

For example, if you're thinking "I hate winter" (like many of us are these days), then you're more likely to feel annoyed, agitated and frustrated about winter weather, which leaves you feeling annoyed, agitated and frustrated in general, even if you don't realize that your reaction to the weather is driving how you feel.

However, if you can find a positive or two to say about winter, then your frequency/energy and mood will improve. Can you be happy about being unexpectedly stuck at home and having time to finally read a good book you've been wanting to read? Or does the cold mean that you finally break out your crockpot recipes and enjoy a favorite comfort food meal for dinner tonight?

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