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What My Coaching Clients Are Saying...

Testimonials: Welcome

Ali's understanding and empathy allowed me to deeply dive into my needs. Her multifaceted response and work allowed me to move beyond the place that I had grown comfortable, which enhanced my motivation and mood. Her expertise in many areas enables her to speak intelligently, though her approach isn't to simply give advice, but to facilitate a personal reflective journey for her clients. 

Ali was my coach during a stressful period of time at work when there were a lot of directives being sent down from upper management. I was fortunate to have her to talk with. She walked me through the issue and could always help me to see that it wasn't the nightmare that I thought it was and could help me to resolve any issues and to reframe my thinking to see the positives in situations. This was a technique that I used not only at work, but also in my personal life. When my husband died a few years later, I could still hear Ali's words of coaching in my mind. It really brought me peace and helped me through the grieving process.  

I knew that Ali has worked in the leadership and coaching space for a number of years; however, I didn't realize how amazing she was until she agreed to help me with some mental blocks I was having. She has been so professional and kind and down to earth that I would that I would title her one of the most "real, true, no BS, kindred spirit, giving and whole" people I have ever met. She uses her experience, coaching and leadership style as well as some powerful tools to get to the root of my mental block. I've never heard of anything like it, but it's allowed me to transcend many layers of life to experience the world differently. Coaching is one of Ali's gifts for sure!

Testimonials: Testimonials
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