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We Are Pieces of All of the People that We Meet - Part 2: Triggers

Last week's blog post was about how the people we've met along life's journey become pieces of us. They show up as things we do or say that we happen because we knew and spent time with them. My example was simply "how I prepare my morning bagel because of a Danish host I stayed with many years ago." It's a little thing, but it sticks with me to this day and I remember him every time I have that for breakfast.

Another way we gather and store pieces of our others within us (energetically, I might add) is through what they trigger in us. Some triggers are positive, such as a song reminding us of good times with a family member or a friend. However, other triggers can be more negative or heavy.

For anyone who has experienced any form of trauma or abuse, certain people and familiar situations or events can trigger emotions such as fear, anger or sadness and reactions like "fight/flight/freeze" response. Incredible to think that we can hold a piece of an experience with someone in a way that negatively affects us, physically, emotionally and energetically.

From an energetic healing perspective, the emotions and trauma we don't clear can remain in our bodies for years or even a lifetime. That which isn't felt and released is stored energetically in the body and as a result, can lead to ongoing stress, illness and disease.

Are you aware of what triggers you and the origins of those triggers? Is there a person or situation/event that now causes a reaction in you that is automatic and difficult to break free from? Often awareness first comes when we notice that our reaction to something that has happened is MUCH stronger than the situation calls for. Here are a few examples:

  • Being late for work (which might not be about being late for work at all, but could be a triggered reaction due to being yelled at or ridiculed as a child anytime you were late or made a mistake/weren't perfect).

  • Hearing a car door slam (which might remind you of when an alcoholic parent came home from work and you never knew what to expect when they entered the house).

These examples (being late or a car door slamming) are, on their own, just something that happens from time to time. No big deal, simple events. However, when you layer on traumatic experiences or memories that create a reaction to these events, that is where the trigger point reveals itself.

If you've become aware that you are regularly triggered by certain people or situations, there are a number of options you can choose from to begin unraveling the hold those triggers are having on your life and happiness, including:

  • Seeking professional counseling support to unpack past experiences.

  • Finding ways to MOVE your body and use your BREATH to begin clearing some of the stored emotions (some examples include box breathing, yoga or even "shaking" your body, arms, etc.).

  • Exploring energetic healing modalities such as Reiki, Meditation, Qigong, Colorpuncture or using HEALY (frequency device); each person responds differently to various options, so you may find one works better for you than others OR that a combination of modalities is most effective for you.

How much are triggers impacting your life? It's not easy, but you can break free. However, taking the first step to get UNSTUCK from your triggers is up to you. Are you ready?

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