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TAKE TIME TO PAUSE & REFLECT (Tips on How to Do That)...

In my last blog post, I shared an important first step for job seekers to take when they find out that they have lost their jobs (or will be losing their jobs in the near future) - to TAKE TIME FOR THE PAUSE. It's human nature to want to JUMP INTO ACTION and FIX the situation by finding another job as quickly as possible. And while I'm not suggesting that you should (or even can) take a year off without pay for a PAUSE, I am suggesting to TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE OPPORTUNITY YOU'VE BEEN GIVEN TO PAUSE.

Why should you PAUSE? First of all, to take more control over what happens next in your life. I realize it sounds counterintuitive to SLOW DOWN, but trust me on this. You owe it to yourself to be INTENTIONAL about your next steps and to ensure that those next steps reflect what is truly important to you in life so you're as happy as possible with where you land. (Otherwise, if you don't PAUSE, you might end up right back in a situation similar to what you had that might not have been exactly what you wanted anyway, if you're truly honest with yourself.) This PAUSE is your chance for a fresh start and to make some intentional decisions about what you do next, rather than going with the flow and ending up with whatever haphazardly comes your way.

So if you're ready to give this PAUSE thing a try, here are some helpful questions to ask yourself as you TAKE TIME TO PAUSE & REFLECT...

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