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You've been doing all of the right things since losing your job. Reflecting on what you truly want to do next. Adding self-care and exercise into your daily routine. Dedicating time to search for your next job every day. And connecting with your network for leads on potential opportunities. You're definitely on the right track!

For some of you, new opportunities will appear quickly; for others, it will take some time and patience. How long it will take depends on a variety of factors, such as what type of role you're seeking, what industry you want to work in, specific organizations you might be targeting in your search and your ability and willingness to relocate to name a few.

And once opportunities surface, it's important to remember that the process will take time - for submitting applications and resumes, for completing phone screens and multiple phases of interviews and for waiting to hear whether or not you were selected. And the process isn't easy either, especially if you get "ghosted" by recruiters or if you receive an email that "another candidate was selected" for a job you were really hoping you'd get. (By the way, I prefer to think of those not as rejection letters, but REDIRECTION to something even better that you will find in the future as you continue your search.)

In the midst of all of this, even the most optimistic, hopeful and determined job seekers have 'not so good' days. Though everyone wants to think they've processed the emotions of job loss when it first happened, the truth is that the process can be a bit of a rollercoaster ride and some of those emotions will crop up again from time to time in the weeks and months to follow. There might be moments when you'll feel doubtful, demotivated and frustrated or when your confidence isn't at its best. Unfortunately that's all part of the journey too. It's normal and it's okay if you feel like that from time to time.

What you do when these moments arise will determine whether you get stuck in a negative mindset or move through the experience and get back on track. Take time to refocus yourself on self-care and activities that energize you, allow you to feel productive or engage your creative side to help you regain momentum. Your ongoing commitment to your self-care routine (exercise, eating well, rest/relaxation, stress management, etc.) is critical to your physical and emotional wellbeing during these stressful and uncertain times. Continue to make yourself a PRIORITY!

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