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Balancing "Doing" Vs "Being" Moments in Our Lives...

When I logged into Facebook this morning, my "Facebook Memories" reminded me that one year ago today I was horseback riding.

Knowing that I'm someone who OWNS horses and LOVES riding, it might not seem like this particular "Facebook Memory" should have made me pause so much or hit me right in my heart in such a deep and meaningful way. However it did and here's why...

I've been busy lately. I've told you about the week of sick dogs already. Then my husband traveled for a week for work. And this week has already been filled with meetings and other "must do" preparations, tasks and activities. LOTS OF "DOING!"

I thought I was doing well. When I'm "in the flow," as long as I do some self-care time every day (for me, that's meditation), I can stay focused, I don't feel stressed out and I can still be productive and get everything done. Sounds like a WIN, right? Not exactly.

Lately I've been paying a WHOLE LOT MORE ATTENTION to "DOING" vs. "BEING" and can feel that I have gotten out of balance. How do I know this? When I'm not taking enough time to do the things that light me up emotionally and make my heart happy, my energy (emotion and therefore frequency) is lower. If you reflect on this, I'm sure you can think of a time this has happened to you and can totally relate and remember the low energy feeling you had/felt at the time.

So as I write this blog post, I have plans of following my heart today and making time to do some of the things that I LOVE to do, including taking a ride on my horse. (And I'm hoping that putting it my blog post today will keep me more accountable to actually doing it too!)

In the meantime, I'll share the picture from the ride "one year ago today" that inspired this post. I hope you can also find some ways to JUST BE today and put the DOING on hold for a bit! Enjoy!!!

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